Hi, I'm Emerson (he/they).

I’m a video creator from Minneapolis and currently based in Mankato, MN. I started Honey Blue Media in 2021, but have been making videos since my preteens, when I created a claymation YouTube channel with my friend Lauren. (Yes, it still exists and no, you will not be able to find it.) Now, I’ve worked on hundreds of video projects that bring me deep joy.

Along with running Honey Blue Media, I regularly work with other artists and creators, like Divas Entertainment and the YouTube channel How to Make Everything. When I’m not working on videos, I work down at Cork and Key, a local bottle shop in Mankato.

I believe stories are the most powerful tool for connection and change. Video storytelling is especially powerful, in my opinion, because it meets you where you’re at; the multimedia format can be consumed in a variety of ways and is often the most intuitive way to digest a story.

My work puts experience and connection first. Your story is not only the final product, but the journey, and it is my top priority that you feel educated, empowered, and engaged in the story we tell together. This includes reviewing the reasoning behind each aspect of your video package, preparing for any sensitive situations or tricky relationship dynamics that you may have to handle at your event, and bringing an enthusiastic energy to each of our meetings and experiences together.

Client or not, I’m always here to consult on your story, give ideas or recommendations, and connect with you. Feel free to reach out anytime!

Want to connect?